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Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Strongly Organized Anti-Trump Effort Takes Shape

Very few media outlets or  pundits or associated members of the nation's elite have much of any real idea of how to stop Trump.  Part of the problem is that Trumpism is not an isolated phenomenon.   Trump arose out of the Republican Party, which itself is virtually the political arm of Big Business.  

The Big Business way is, in short, "My way or the highway."  This is Trump's mode, too.  It is this very immature approach to politics which propels Trump along his destructive path.  Whether it is women, minorities, or immigrant children, Trump barrels along, espousing a kind of right-wing populism which this writer asserts is really fascism.  (One may research the beginnings of Italian fascism among the farmers of northern Italy for background.)  

There are, however, indeed ways to stop Trump.  What it will take is a counter-movement.  Force (not necessarily the violent kind) must be met by force (not violent).  Here I am referring to the laws of physics.  Trump and Cruz and others are something like a force of nature.  The problem is they really aren't for the world, but against the world.  (And now I am getting into metaphysics, that much-neglected area of philosophy ever so important.)  

This is what it amounts to:  a hostility toward Things As They Are, engendered by admittedly tough economic circumstances for so many.  The American elite, including many on the left, must immediately advocate for increased support of the American worker through new stimulus measures, new strictures on overseas out-sourcing of jobs, outlawing of off-shore registering of American corporations and other measures to ensure the average American worker gets a fair shake.  This does not have to be done through "socialism."

It does, however, require leadership.  Such leadership is not coming from our political class, many of whom do not represent the average worker -- think Mitch McConnell, for example.

But the coalition of progressives and African-Americans who are organizing to stop Trump represents a start.  If the people truly do not want Trump, and if they can be organized, there is hope.  

Several days ago I wrote about the difficulty in putting together a complete Stop-Trump program here.  I did, however, offer to post the program in parts.  I hope this post will be one of those parts.  

Coalition Forms to Stop Trump

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