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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Greek Left Split, Continues to Fight Austerity

“This agreement is not compatible with the ideas and the principles of the left. But most importantly, it is not compatible with the needs of the working class and the popular masses. This proposal cannot be accepted by the members and the cadres of Syriza.”

Update --

 Latest developments in Greece underscore the depth of opposition to the austerity measures the European Union continues to try to foist on the Greek people.  

Syriza, the Greek leftist party is now itself split, but with a strong and energized anti-austerity component continuing to speak out and to organize.

It is encouraging to see workers and others continue to oppose austerity even as their own party, Syriza is led by Tsipras and others pushing the E. U. oppression.  More at the link below.

Greek Leftists Refuse to Kow-tow to Austerity

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