Featured Artwork: Russia

Featured Artwork:  Russia
Featured Artwork: Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitry Donskoy in Trinity Sergius Lavra, before the Battle of Kulikovo, depicted in a painting by Ernst Lissner (Russia)

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Corporations Conspire to Destroy Class Action Lawsuits

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The New York Times has released a special report detailing an actual conspiracy on the part of large corporations to ban not only individual court suits, but class actions suits as well in an astounding affront to the American justice system.  This highly anti-democratic and largely successful campaign threatens to destroy the right of average Americans to gain justice from corporations in American courts.  This campaign is largely unknown to most Americans as it has only been enshrined fairly recently by Supreme Court decisions.

Certainly, there can be such a thing as a frivolous lawsuit, but class action suits have offered the only redress for injured consumers.  The fear now is corporations will be granted a license to misbehave in the marketplace.  This outrageous behavior by corporations and the Supreme Court should be a wake-up call to justice-loving citizens.

Corporations Ravage Judicial System

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