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Monday, June 01, 2009

We Have a Problem

As in Apollo 13, Americans are beginning to realize, "We have a problem." People who are keen observers of the economic situation in the country are aware that reality does not necessarily match verbiage. What we are told by the corporate media these days is often a far, far different thing from what the man on the street senses.

Reports from some quarters would seem to indicate the economy has "hit bottom." Various statistics are marshaled. Yet job losses continue, on-going unemployment claims continue to rise, more and more men and women drop out of the job market.

And there is the problem of the continuing Wall Street and corporate bail-outs. Never in American history has there ever been such a flow of money from the American tax-payer into private hands. This outrageous negation of everything decent and just, rankles as no other festering wound.

That this is being done under a new President seems to make matters worse. We were expecting so much more, so much better.

Through all the suffering, I have a sense there is a deeper purpose at work. It is harder than ever to hide the failings of the profit system. All that remains is for the American people to become fully aware of this fact and begin to take appropriate action. This waking up is closer than it was. May its full arrival be in a near time.

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