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Sunday, November 27, 2016

What a Difference One Weekend Can Make

From 'Resistance' to 'Contested'


While all Americans were enjoying various activities surrounding turkey and football;  and some were celebrating an election "victory" and others were mourning a "loss"  -- who knew clever Dr. Jill Stein was planning what ends up being an assault on the bogus Trump take-over of the Executive branch of the United States government?

Further, while media was sparkling over the expected Trump ascendancy (such as the "Entertainment Tonight" palavering);  and others were filled with indescribable dread over that same ascendancy -- an effort to simply count the vote (much as in 2000) was being put together by the Green candidate for President.  With the Clinton campaign now officially supporting the effort, suddenly a Trump presidency no longer seems like quite such a sure thing.  

If Mrs. Clinton and her campaign can learn from the mistakes of 2000, such as not focusing only on computer anomalies and instead looking at the whole range of voter suppression efforts, we may see an uncovering of the stealth election of 2016 at a minimum, and a different President at the most.  

As in 2000, we again go into uncertain territory.  The difference this time is we have now been down this road twice in one lifetime.  Let's hope the outcome is more honest this time, no matter what one may think of either candidate personally.  

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