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Monday, November 21, 2016

The Enemy Now is the Profit System In All But Name

Almost two weeks after the sham election of 2016, the anti-Trump movement is clarifying its mission and honing its weapons of resistance.  In what is really an amazingly short period of time organizers have correctly identified the lost central issue of this election year:  the economy.

While the Democratic Party built an electoral strategy around pursuing marginalized groups -- and to that extent had the right idea -- the new movement seeks to make the economy the central issue, no matter what one's background.  The article here puts this into clear language, a very helpful thing.

From this point on, it is hard to see the corporatized version of the Democratic Party leading the way.  It must now be new leaders.  I am ever so glad to see these leaders begin to emerge.  It is going to be most interesting to get to know them and hear what they have to say.

Strategy for Permanent Anti-Trump Movement Emerges

N.B.  As with almost all articles appearing now, it is taken for granted that Trump "won" and Clinton "lost."  Readers here know this is not the case.  But let us not miss the import of the anti-Trump movement, one which is getting it right on the matter of the economy.  This in and of itself is a major step forward.  

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