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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Word Is Out: The Election WAS Stolen -- for Trump

Throughout the US election campaign one of The Donald’s main refrains was   “this election is rigged.”Turns out this particular Trump election rallying cry wasn’t a lie… Well, not entirely.

                                                                                                      -- The Economist

Here is another telling of the story of the stolen election of 2016.  Before the trail runs cold we must find out just who was behind this hideous distortion of the right to vote.

I have written of Greg Palast's work before.  He is a diligent watchdog of a reporter.  And it is clear, that as in 2000, what we had last week was a stolen election.  Yet, the people knew who the stronger candidate was and voted for her, even though she was deemed not personally popular.  (Was this an election for high school homecoming queen?)

As the Trump transition sadly collapses, Americans and the world deserve the facts as reported here:

Now More People Know: This Election Was Stolen --- for Trump

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