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Monday, November 21, 2016

Romney for President -- 2016?


Via Princeton Election Consortium --


Not likely to happen, but if just 36 GOP electors flipped to, say, Romney, it would go to the House. The “faithless electors” would, at most, face a fine. They have basically nothing to lose. Romney would easily win in the House; he’d get all the Democrats and all but the most insane Republicans. American democracy would be rescued from the scrap heap of history....
Just putting it out there.

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  1. November 23 --
    Several Clinton electors, reportedly from states which voted for Bernie Sanders, are putting forward the idea of a compromise candidate such as Mitt Romney for President. If he should refuse, there are other possibilities such as John Kasich. If Hillary Clinton is taken out of the running up front, a compromise candidate who could win a majority of Electoral Votes and unite the country might emerge. We simply must not elect Trump. We just can't. (See White House icon on the right side bar for a multiple of reasons.)


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