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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Election Still Not a "Done Deal"

For nearly two weeks this web log has carried a banner claiming Trump has not been elected to anything.  This is true.  Even more astutely we can say Trump has not been elected to anything by anyone.

Now comes a new effort to deny Trump the majority in the Electoral College throwing the election into the House of Representatives.  The article below helps explain why this would not be the worst thing.  Democratic electors are working to elect a compromise candidate -- someone other than Hillary Clinton.  

Normally, of course, we would avoid sending the election to the House.  But the idea now is to cause a re-assessment of the Electoral College as an institution.  

I still support the Electoral College.  The best solution is to do all we can to establish a fair and just economy, not one ruled by oligarchs who can dictate elections, no matter the method of voting.

One thing we definitely do not want to do is mandate electors to vote for the "popular vote winner."  Such a requirement raises the question of who would certify that the vote was fair, untainted, and legitimate.  Such a certification this year is clearly impossible.  

But under these emergency circumstances any responsible suggestion for upsetting the illegitimate Trump parade is welcome now.

Effort to Deny Trump Victory in the Electoral College

Investigative, statistical reference for this post:   gregpalast.com

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