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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Vast Danger of Now

The post with link at Patriot in Exigency, my sister blog (see above), is must reading for today.

America is facing its greatest fascist threat in my lifetime.   Ronald Reagan who reached great heights of personal popularity, was a pale second to one Donald Trump.

The Washington Post is now unhesitating in its description of Trump as fascist.  The Post is right.  The description of Trump as a magical fix-it man and more to his followers is dead-on accurate.

In the midst of opposing Trump, I will be attempting to curate press articles of the recent past.   One such article is linked to below.   Things are moving so quickly we are being faced with the danger of over-looking valuable statements from the cadre of thoughtful media writers who, thankfully, still exist and are still posting.  Under a President Trump we could see the end of such writers.

Do not make the mistake of thinking the danger of fascism is over-blown or will somehow melt away.  Either is an example of magical thinking.  This is a time for hard realism, not gauzy wishful thinking.

Zakaria on Republican Kow-Towing

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