Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Curious Times

We have had curious times before, but the world has suddenly seemed topsy-turvy with a Democratic President scheming to cut Social Security benefits, and a bombing under suspicious circumstances at the Boston Marathon. 

Being at best a part-time writer I am not able to instantly propound meaningful theories on every subject.  (Who can?)  Thus, I am left with a rather generalized comment today.  In keeping with the description of this blog, however, I see signs amidst the chaos that the world is struggling to come to something different.  The new interest in the general subject of capitalism v. socialism shows this.  (See earlier post here.)  The world is lurching toward a better order, and by that I do not mean the "New World Order."  What I do mean is a new way of being and doing and relating among nations and peoples, a way of justice and something like love, however charged those words may be. 

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