Featured Artwork: Russia

Featured Artwork:  Russia
Featured Artwork: Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitry Donskoy in Trinity Sergius Lavra, before the Battle of Kulikovo, depicted in a painting by Ernst Lissner (Russia)

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

From "The Hill":

Group Works to Ensure Ballot Access for Alternate Candidate

The Hill reports that a non-partisan group is working hard to secure ballot access for an unknown future alternative candidate in the 2016 Presidential race.

Here is an excerpt from the article.   
A nonpartisan group working to ensure that a potential independent candidate for president will be on the ballot in all 50 states says it hopes to have locked down a challenger in one month’s time. 
          Better for America Chairman John Kingston, a conservative donor with ties to George W.                     Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney, said his group has been in discussions with current and               former senators, governors and senior military officials and “absolutely” expects an independent             candidate will emerge.... 
 “By the end of July it’s still plausible,” Kingston said. “You can be disruptive beyond that and still get on some ballots through August and September, but to get to a place where you can win outright would be a challenge beyond August 1.” 

[Donald Trump is said to have the most committed delegates to] the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 21, while Democrats will likely nominate Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia on July 28. 

Kingston would not disclose the names of any potential candidates he’s spoken to, but the group is open to someone of any affiliation. 

Better for America launched earlier this month to ensure that any potential independent candidate that emerges will have ballot access in all 50 states. 

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