Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Tedium Grows

I have no way of quantifying this at the moment, but there is a real sense that America grows ever more tedious day by day.  We are asked to be excited about a possible Hillary Clinton run.  And we are not.  We are asked to be excited about the forth-coming new Camaro.  And we are not.  We gave up being excited about Barack Obama long ago.

So what is a living, breathing person to do?  "Create your own excitement," was what my parents' generation were exhorted to do.

But how?  Can we really overcome the torpor of this halting, lugubrious, economy?

In keeping with part of this blog's title and mission, maybe music can help.  Recently I have been making a musicological study of the Beatles, and jazz.  These I have been very aware of, naturally. But I had never really studied them.  As I look a little more carefully at the Fab Four rock group, and the entire jazz world I am more than a little astonished at what is there.  Both jazz and rock and roll were a reactions to some pretty tedious times.  In the first case it was the Lost Generation following World War I.  In the second case it was the Eisenhower administration and the Cold War.

So, once again music comes to the rescue.  Nothing against the other art forms.  But only music truly sings.   Long live the arts, and in this case, music most especially.   

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