Friday, March 20, 2015

The Clintons in Haiti: Let's Start Here

As Pres. Obama said this week, Gitmo doesn't represent who we are as a people.  Likewise, the way things are being run in Haiti doesn't represent the American people -- not in the deepest sense.  Sadly, Haitian relief efforts, the way they are organized, do represent the way business is done in the America of once and now.

The Nation magazine has recently detailed problems with USAID efforts to rebuild Haiti after its disastrous earthquake five years ago.  Dissatisfaction with the pace of recovery has been growing among the Haitian population.  There has been a distinct lack of accountability and transparency. Such lacks extend to the efforts of U.N. Special Envoy Bill Clinton, unfortunately.

The mistake I wish to avoid here is to blame any one person.  The Nation has the right idea by fixing blame on the system.  The system was created and maintained by human beings, of course.  So ultimately we must take a look at human nature.

Meantime, the U.S. government is set up to deal with matters of this kind.  Certainly a Congressional investigation is called for. But let the investigation not seek to excoriate or demonize any individual or individuals.  Let the system be put on trial.  I suggest Bernie Sanders as possible head or co-chair of the investigation.

Haitian Relief American Style

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