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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off?

No, Stop the Profit System, I Want to Get Back On

Developing Story --

It is becoming increasingly clear that the profit system is out of control.  People are being flung out to the nether reaches of life by out-of-date-mortgage rules, whip-sawing energy and grocery prices, to say nothing of ever-changing policies and regulations by large corporations and sometimes government.

What is a person to do?  The answer is in the old labor song, "You've got to organize!"  Of course organizing isn't easy.  First you must have a coherent rationale.  I have been trying to develop a rationale here over the last months and years.  First, we must acknowledge that the profit system, focused as it is on money (capital) rather than people, is incapable of the kind of efficiency and flexibility which is needed in the modern world.  (Oh, how the Wall Streeters would disagree with me!)

A prime example of this inappropriateness is the housing fiasco I mentioned above.  Houses are still being foreclosed on.  It is like a hurricane in its effect.  Houses "under water" might as well be literally under water or blown off the map for all their usefulness.

Yet housing, along with food, is a basic human right.  If a system cannot guarantee basic human rights what good is it?

So, second, is the alternative.  Apparently, what will work is a type of system not yet developed, one in which nations will respect one another in a deep way, and workers everywhere will have the justice which is coming to them, starting with adequate food and housing, not through government hand-outs but as part and parcel of this new system.  I realize it is hard to visualize such a system.  If one thinks of the early church or the type of economy the Scandinavian countries have gone for, one can start heading in the right direction.  Also, FDR's proposed Economic Bill of Rights sends America in the right direction.

We have a long way to go.  But we can start now.  For instance, how much one has invested in the stock market, if anything, is a personal decision.  Many persons have largely or completely gotten out of the stock market and have discovered it is possible to survive.  There are many other such ways.  And indeed, people are making good decisions every day.

But with an oppressive financial-government regime operating full steam ahead, citizens get dragged along for the ride whether they want to be carried along or not.  This is what must stop.  

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