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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Democrats Respond With Appropriate Concern Over Republican Meddling in Treat Negotiations

Republicans, along with any American, have every right to criticize the President.  What seems unusual, if not unprecedented, is the Republican effort to undercut, even ruin the negotiations being carried out by the Obama Administration.

I do not know enough about the situation to say just what I think should be done as to Iran, although it does seem Obama is making progress in setting up safeguards against an Iran with nuclear weapons.

This brings home the point I have made here repeatedly since the sham elections of last November.  Republicans are not to be trusted.  It is unfortunate that the Obama administration has its own trust issues (see my treatment of the election of 2008 here).

What is frightening is the apparent break-down in the very functioning of the U.S. federal government.  The long-standing bi-partisan nature of American foreign policy is being riven by the Republican leadership in the Senate.  To be completely fair and honest, I do want to check into the Republican claims before making the very most categorical statements about U.S. foreign policy toward Iran.  But clearly what the Republicans are doing exacerbates an impression that the federal government is dysfunctional on a policy level and that the Republicans have done their share to bring about this disastrous situation.  And -- is it not a disaster?

Democrats Lead Chorus of Opprobrium for Republican Meddling In Iran Treaty Negotiantions

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