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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

White House Turmoil Reaching Crisis Proportions

Television news viewers as well as newspaper readers in the United States are already aware of the resignation of the National Security Adviser.  Others around the world may not be so aware of how serious is the turmoil surrounding the White House at this time.

The Musical Patriot for several reasons has decided to shy away from the turmoil at this time.  One reason is that all this was predicted by so many before the election.

The main issue remains the stolen election of 2016.  That is the story that must be reported on.  The good news is the main facts are already available.  Brad Blog, for one has covered this story as has Democracy Now. 

As one writer has said recently, Trump has never served in government before.  And he promised to shake up Washington.  We should not be surprised to see the current turmoil.

Lest I leave on a note of cynicism:  the current tumult can be prelude to constructive change in America.  Indeed, I believe it will prove to be exactly that.  

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