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Friday, February 03, 2017

Resistance and "Rebel Alliance" Movements Gaining Traction

Minnesota Republican legislators must be running scared if they have to pass a measure in committee to punish protestors by requiring them to pay for supposed law enforcement costs.

Meantime, also on Daily Kos, a poster sees many hopeful signs.  I haven't had the chance to check out the claims made about the ACLU.  At any rate the post is hopeful.  I thought you would be interested, dear reader.

If memory serves, Anthony Romero of the ACLU just pointed out a couple days ago that there is a big difference between today and Nazi Germany.  In Nazi Germany there were no large protests against the Fascists, so the Fascists largely reigned unchallenged.  Today, protestors are making news standing up to the Herr Twitler fascist administration and the local GOP fascist administrations, which helps to encourage others to join-in or otherwise support the protestors.

There are large numbers of people who will join the Rebel Alliance so long as they see strength in numbers and not sticking their heads out alone [sic].  The same was true in Nazi Germany, but there was never a public movement strong enough to create a critical mass big enough to attract those who didn’t want to stick their heads out on their own.

There are huge positives going on.  The ACLU reported they received more donations in a single day than they normally receive over a couple years.

  --   Smeagel4T

(lightly edited for clarity)

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