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Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Chance to Stop Trump Through the System?

According to the careful research of experienced reporter, Greg Palast, what happened in November was a stolen election at the level of the federal officers, including the President.  References to his stellar work can be found on this blog.

There remains one more way to stop a Trump Presidency under normal procedure.  That is for Congress to reject Electoral votes on January 6 in sufficient numbers to send the election to the House.  The House would then have to elect a President.

Normally an optimistic sort, I must admit that unless people become aroused enough to demand such a procedure there leaves little other option for stopping the mogul from Manhattan, except...

There are always miracles, of course.  And believers should definitely be praying for a miracle now.  Miracles do happen.

Second, the public can bombard Congress and the White House with petitions for action to stop such a dangerous person from becoming President.

Third, and crucially important -- yet often overlooked -- the media must help get the word out about the voter suppression tactics used by Republican operatives in this and other elections.

Fourth would be a mass political movement of the Arab Spring type.

So, there are possibilities.  Perhaps we could start with the first objective above.  There isn't much time.  We must begin forthwith.

Congress Can Reject Electoral Votes

N.B.  For those interested in fairness, there is also strong evidence that Bernie Sanders won California in the primary there.  

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