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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hitler Could Have Been Stopped

It is commonly known that various nations in Europe -- Britain, France, and Russia -- could have stopped Hitler.  What is less often understood is that Hitler could have been stopped within Germany itself.  This from a 2009 article by John Hawkins on Hitler from the Town Hall web site.

There are other reasons why Hitler was able to come to power, other than the ten given.  One I can think of immediately, is an economic system which emphasized power from the top down.  There are also deeper psychological reasons.   Some of these are explained in an article I link to in "Best of" here.

Reading this article, I see a clear similarity to the U. S. now.  What a pity.  And yet, I believe we still have time to stop an autocratic demagogue, if we only will.  Let us be about the business of looking deep, and finding that will.

Ten Reasons Why Hitler Came to Power

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