Friday, December 02, 2016

Hamilton Electors to the Rescue!

Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Founding Father



After more than three weeks of demonstrations, hoo-ha, and angst, finally comes a movement that can do real good -- the Hamilton Electors.  

While it would have been far better for the Republican vote-suppression effort to be exposed -- and indeed it is still not too late for that -- this effort on the part of electors of conscience to save America from a demagogue is most admirable indeed.

I must leave this issue for the moment in order to beat a dead-line.  But I trust the following link will be of value to you.

God bless America!   

Hamilton Electors Seek to Thwart Trump Presidency

1 comment:

  1. This article offers a contrary view regarding the Hamilton electors. It is a good article and worth reading. (Article contains one instance of profanity. Not for children under 13).


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