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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Never Trump Movement Lives Yet

With very little publicity, relatively speaking, those courageously standing against Trump have refused to give up, and are living yet.  The link below tells more.

America is in the unnerving position of having a media which essentially doesn't care whether a person is qualified to be President.  The main criteria is whether someone is newsworthy, and today, grievously, that means whether someone can make money for the media company.

How else would one explain the almost across-the-board ignoring about all the reasons why Trump is not qualified?:  his incoherent, unworkable policies, his moral and ethical lapses, his exploitation of people in his business life.  All this has been amply documented but not so clearly communicated to the American people.  Now, however, the news professionals -- especially those in "infotainment" television -- are averse to anything substantive about this demagogue's campaign.  And here lies the grave danger to the Republic.

If you are new here, I encourage you to search out the various articles on Trump's background.  As for other sources, The New York Times has produced several recent long-form reports on Trump, the most recent being an article this past Sunday on Trump's profits from his failed casino operations.

As I have written so many times:  Do not estimate a Donald Trump figure who has the media wind to his back, figuratively speaking.

"Never Trump" Movement Rises Again


N.B.  The Musical Patriot looks forward to an end to the Trump candidacy so he can get back to the many pressing issues which demand attention now.


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