Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pres. Carter Inaugural Speech Unique

One of series of posts on the former President

Every Presidential inaugural speech is unique to the individual giving it, of course, for only one person out of millions is the President at any given moment.  There is something about the Carter speech, however, which is especially individualistic and thus unusual.  Of course, Carter came to be criticized in ways presaged in his 1977 inaugural address.  But criticism of the critics can also be traced back to this speech.  For when one reads it, one finds an idealist, and an ethicist, if not a moralist.  (I find no hint of a narrow moralist in this speech.)

I call your attention to the list of accomplishments Jimmy Carter hopes will be achieved during his Presidency.  Sadly, they were largely unfulfilled, even now.  Instead we got a drum-beating Cold Warrior, and the leader of an administration racked by the Iran-Contra Scandal.  No great ethical leader, Ronald Reagan.

So the looking at Jimmy Carter in a fresh way as
promised in my previous post has begun.

Jimmy Carter Inaugural Speech

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