Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bush-Bush Must Be Stopped (If He Doesn't Kill His Own Chances First)

First, this must be short due to time constraints.

However, I am acquainted with the record of John Ellis Bush (J.E.B. = "JEB", and thus "Bush-Bush"), who has been running for the Presidency for months but only officially announced it the other day.  (This in and of itself is a likely violation of federal campaign law.)

Those looking into the record of this man, such as The Washington Post are beginning to find problems.  I plan to have more on this subject later, such as questions about his financial dealings at the time of the Savings and Loan Scandal).*

For now, what is troubling people is Bush-Bush's alleged crazy-quilt foreign policy statements.  I am in the process of catching up with this story.

However, putting together verbal gaffes, with his far-right agenda in Florida as governor, plus questions about his past financial dealings, America should be very wary of this individual.  Haven't we had enough Bushes, for the love of Pete?  As a campaign button had it in 2000:  "Stay out the Bushes."  That was good advice then, it is good advice now -- to say the least.

Bush-Bush's Far-Right Florida Agenda

*See here:  "Jeb" Bush's Failed Investment?

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  1. Reading about the Savings & Loan Scandal of the late 80's reads like a forerunner of the Debacle of 2007-2008. That is, government regulations are removed, regulators look the other way, and a crash follows. We have drifted into dangerous waters as I hope to detail more completely in the future. People in the press who are featuring Bush-Bush need to stop, look, and listen, before writing.


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