Monday, May 13, 2013

Off-Base Thinking by The Post

Yesterday's Washington Post contained a rather half-baked article about something they claimed was the Second Term Curse.   Can Obama avoid it?, the paper asked. 

As part of the article some right-wing figure was quoted as saying it might be time soon for "the I-word."  He meant of course "Impeachment," and he was referring to the President.  First, if Obama is to be impeached, we must also impeach Bush and Cheney, Rumsfeld -- the list would go on.  (And, yes, persons can be impeached after leaving office.)  Second, we don't need another impeachment trial, only fifteen years after the last fiasco. 

But beyond this, such talk is impertinent in the extreme.  We should be talking about accountability.  We should be talking about living history.  We should be talking about what caused the wars and how future wars can be prevented.  If we cannot deal with our own history of corruption and failure, we have no business claiming to be any kind of world leader.  If a public official deserves to be impeached, by all means, let's look into it.  But everyone who is guilty deserves his own impeachment.  It's going to be a long list. 

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