Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nurturing a Seven-Year-Old

This blog had a birthday yesterday.  Rather than celebrating the blog I was celebrating life with a busy day. 

So today I find myself tending a seven-year-old.  I had dreams this blog would be a long-lived experience, contributing in some way to finding a pathway out of some dark times following the September 11, disaster.  Those were days when a Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, a Richard Cheney was Vice-President of what some called -- well -- vice, and a G. W. Bush was in some sense the inheritor of the office of the Presidency. 

One of my first major efforts was a review in serial form of a video entitled "Theologians Under Hitler."  This important video, put out by the United Methodist Church, was based on the book of the same name by Robert P. Ericksen.  The content of both book and video are still very relevant today.  When I think of the early days of this blog I always think of this series, how refreshing the video and book were amidst the general darkness of 2006.  And what darkness there was then with the Iraq War seeming never to end, and the still-ongoing Afghan War only in its first half-life.  I was proud of that series of posts.

I have written my way through two Presidential elections now, several voting controversies, and various kinds of sociological issues.  In terms of events the most important was the Occupy movement beginning in September 2011, and continuing in different form today. 

And there has been humor, some music, a little of it even patriotic music. 

Patriotism still means as much to me today as it ever did.  Sadly, I am not quite as confident of the power of the U.S. Constitution as once I was.  Still, I am not in the camp of those who see it as mysoginist, or capitalist, or invalid due to pro-slavery passages.  One recent blog dealt with an important op-ed piece in The New York Times, entitled provocatively, "Let's Give Up on the Constitution," then went on to advocate no such thing.  Yet provocative it was, and in a mostly useful way.

The blogs over the last few weeks have been a little more personal than usual with fewer hyper-links attached.  After reading two books by Professor David Ray Griffen on the lies told by the U.S. government relative to September 11, 2001, I have seen my purpose gravitating toward warning my fellow citizens about the hideous nature of what can only be called a suspected crime against democracy. 

If the present post has whetted your appetite to want to delve further into this blog, I am most gratified.  You will find here a style that is essentially sober, but not allergic to true passion when a bit of fire is called for.  At all times, I hope you find a seeking after the truth wherever it may lead.  So, welcome to the birthday party. 

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