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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Voter Suppression in Election 2016 Acknowledged As Huge National Scandal

How does one assess the damage done by the suppression of votes?  What is the effect to the democracy?  What is the effect upon the society?  What is the psychological effect on individual voters?

These questions and others remain to be answered.  In fact, of course, the media is not even asking the questions.  But the questions are desperately important.  What we are seeing played out on a daily basis is a government which is trying to govern without the consent of the majority.

This is certainly not how the media is portraying the situation.  But what explanation do they have for a person like our current military leader filling the role of the president and struggling to unite even his own party, to say nothing of the wider populace?  The number of faux pas, misinformation examples, and outright lies is too large to comprehend.

So we have the great national miasma of now.

It didn't have to be.  May it never happen again.

Voter Suppression Called National Scandal

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