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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Impeachment Talk Building

Is this a good thing?

Those of you have been reading this blog regularly know it happens to be my position that the U.S. must deal with the issue of insecure elections.  It was heartening to me to see that several writers to the local paper yesterday agree.

In coming days I hope to have more on this.  But for now -- a search last evening for "impeach Trump," yielded far more articles on line than I was expecting.  The movement is beginning to show signs of taking on a life of its own.

But is this a good thing?  Quickly, I will say I welcome all legal and non-violent opposition to Trump as president.  However, if we think it through, we will see that with impeachment we would get Pence as President, a man who has advocated for a theocracy!  This would not be much of an improvement, if any.

How long must we continue to engage in fantastical thinking?  Why is it so hard for people to believe an election could be stolen in this country?  It has happened ever so many times in history, just not as much in the U.S., perhaps.

And yet, if you do manage to face the truth -- and face it we must -- will we not be better off in the long run?  At a bare minimum we will help ensure we have a president the people can actually support, not a minion of corporate America.

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