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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What the Press Won't Tell You: Hillary Clinton Won

Note to oligarchs:  We only accept it and move on if it was true.

The press and media have accepted their own announcement that Trump won.  Yet exit polls -- based on actual votes, not predicted votes -- tell a very different story.  The article linked to below gives actual exit poll numbers.

People in other parts of the world have asked me:  How could this happen?  As in 2000, the American people were duped into accepting the popular vote loser as President through a combination of circumstances, including:  1) widespread vote suppression of a new and sophisticated kind;  2) the Electoral College;  3) a credulous media who believed the numbers supplied by the Republican Secretaries of State; and 4) premature acceptance of the media's announced results by the so-called loser.

There is a fifth reason stemming from reason number 1 above.  That is, America in the past has been proud of what it came to regard as a long string of clean elections.  This belief was not wholly justified, but it was close enough to the truth that it became part of the American credo.

The results we are seeing in Washington now, then, flow from a corrupt election.  Many more facts can be given.  In coming days I plan to keep the facts coming.

Exit Polls Show Win By Clinton

N.B.  More reasons can be given for Debacle 20016.  Donald Trump is an illegitimate President, not elected by the people, but rather shoe-horned into office by treacherous oligarchs.  

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