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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Millions Protest Trump Worldwide

People of All Backgrounds March in Support of Human Rights

TMP is pleasantly overwhelmed with the size of yesterday's protests on behalf of human rights, and against the type of campaign run last year by the new occupant of the White House.  Having worked today, it is taking some time to go through the long list of marches and protests all around the world.  The march in Washington is reported to have been significantly larger than the inaugural crowd.

This is a most welcome surprise.  The United States is not complacent, not shrouded in cynicism, or paralyzed by fear.  Of course, a continual watchfulness must be adopted to guard against a propaganda wave from the White House, a wave which has already arisen.

But whatever else may be gleaned from the news about yesterday, it is clear there is something deeper under way in America -- something far more significant than bombast, braggadocio, and ballyhoo.

Photo courtesy France24.com

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