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Monday, July 06, 2015

Germany: Fascism By Other Means

Financial conditions in Europe regarding Greece continued to be fluid on Monday as the Merkel-led German government refused to respect the will of the Greek people who voted against acceptance of German-Dutch-English demands in the ongoing debt crisis.  The article shown below tells more.

There are many details to this crisis.  But it should be clear that Germany and the central banks of Europe want a kow-towing posture from the Greeks and that nothing less will do.  When an economic system is oppressive in the first place, how can it be right to say the enforcement of the system when the victim objects, is justified.  It is not!

One wonders, too, where the United States government is in this crisis.  The voice of the administration is covered, muted, as far as I experience it.

For now, it is the Germans who are hysterical, not the Greeks.  The prancing and pawing of the Merkel operation is a sight to behold.  This is government by snarl, leadership by dare.  Europe; the world; deserve better.

Germany Refuses to Allow Greece to Chart Its Own Course

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