Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Doctor Deaths Appear to Be Very Real; Reasons Not So Clear

A Web site -- with references -- is reporting the deaths of several holistic doctors in the Southeast, and the disappearance of several others.  The allegation is that something nefarious is going on.  Very rarely do I post something of this nature.  But since the deaths seem real, and apparently each physician was involved in alternative medicine which could be seen as a threat to big-money interests, I feel this particular story deserves further investigation.  You are invited to see for yourself.  You are welcome to follow the link below.

Web Site Reports on Deaths of Doctors

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  1. Up-date: At least one local media outlet has picked up the story (Channel 7, ABC in Southwest Florida). The same TV station is reporting a bevy of web sites now dealing with this matter. The station has promised an up-date when more information is available.


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