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Friday, February 13, 2015

Is Jill Stein the Next Ralph Nader?

In 2000, you may recall, Ralph Nader served the role of spoiler, allowing one G. W. Bush (Bush the Lesser) to enter the White House.  Nader had some very legitimate criticism of the two-party system and how the two parties had congealed around the profit system, shutting out too many people.... 

... without Nader -- who declared that even if he were a spoiler the Republicans wouldn't be so bad -- Al Gore would have won Florida clearly and would have gone into the White House. 
                                                                                        --     from Democratic Campaign Watch

Will Jill Stein be the next Ralph Nader?  Will circumstances be so dire in 2016 that a sizable phalanx of the voting populace will be tempted to veer off to the Green Party as happened disastrously in 2000?


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