Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Changing America: Land

Today I begin a new series entitled "A Changing America."  This series will examine mostly positive changes to this great land officially known as The United States of America.  While problems and deficits in American life are fair game for this and other blogs, highlighting positive or good changes is in order.  It is also desperately needed in order to help maintain the sanity of the frail, and the good cheer of the strong.

I have seen recently the injustice of the land rental and leasing system so widespread, especially in the U.S. and England, as well as elsewhere.  Although widespread, the practice can hardly be considered well-liked.  The article linked to below describes well the basic injustice of this system.  Land ownership and then rental has its roots quite deeply in history and was known more recently as feudalism.  The fact that feudalism still exists, though in a different form, is a fact not often admitted in polite company.

However, it is most certainly a very real part of -- literally -- the landscape.  See here why this system is illogical and unjust:

A Changing America: Land

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