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Friday, December 12, 2014

Election 2014: Where to From Here

The holidays are impinging on my schedule, delaying my postings here.  However, there is also inspiration to be felt and uplifted by.

Very much still on my mind is the disastrous "election" of last month.  I had the opportunity to share some of what I know with a local voting registrar yesterday.  This registrar was very friendly, not your typical stoic bureaucrat by any means.  She welcomed news of all the voter suppression tactics being used these days.

This is a time to be vigilant and dutiful.  In coming days I will continue my research on just how to lobby Congress to launch an investigation of this election.  Clearly, such an investigation is warranted.  (See previous posts here and at Brad Blog.)  If such an investigation is not held American prestige will fall further around the world.  For the world is watching.  This blog is proof of that.  We Americans must do the best we can to oppose this egregious undermining of democracy through the polls.  

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