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Friday, December 19, 2014

A Beautiful Process Unfolds

I am coming to an appreciation of the American people which seems new, as if some unexpected dawn were bringing light into a darkened room through a dingy window pane.  Against all odds there is clearly a shift going on as people around the world are beginning to understand just how corrupt our elections have become.  Blogs like this one are trumpeting the news of the soiled election results of 2014.  And, people are beginning to react.

I am somewhat amazed that statistics show this blog is just as popular now as it was before the election.  And virtually all of my posts since the election have been about one subject:  the fraud of that tainted tally.  People are clearly interested in the truth, no matter how distressing.

The full effect of all this is unknown at this time.  Yet I sense people do care.  People still believe in America as the light of the world, not as some economic bully bearing a sheath of nuclear weapons.

So, onward ye peoples of the world!  Onward to further truth and beauty!


On another matter --

Congratulations to Raul Castro and Barack Obama for the negotiations which have begun to bring some sanity to U.S.- Cuba relations after so many years of hostility.  This is a major advance and should have happened long ago.

Now perhaps we can have a new detente with Russia, a country deserving of more than the pushing and shoving coming from the economic royalists in the west.

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