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Friday, August 09, 2013

Not Shocked

As I've spoken about the book "Aftershock" to friends over the last few days, no one has been shocked to hear America is in trouble. In my conversations I have not dwelt on the more dire aspects of the potential harm which could await us after the collapse of multiple financial bubbles. Instead I have spoken about the first chapters of the book which focus on some of the reasons we have gotten into this mess in the first place and how there is a coming general collapse of the economy based in large part on a failed financial system. The corruption which is now rampant in much of the international financial system can be seen in this book. An even better book for the corrupt and even criminal nature of the system can be found in Predator Nation which I have talked about here earlier (see previous post from last week). Americans are getting braver and bolder. Two examples: first an organization called Security Works has not only protested proposed cuts in Social Security but has been organizing for an expansion of Social Security! And in today's paper we learn that a secure e-mail business which had Edward Snowden, the patriotic former intelligence employee, as a customer has gone out of business rather than cooperate with the N.S.A.'s spying program. How all these events are tied together has not yet been seen by the world's people. For whatever reason, I have been granted the ability to see in outline how everything ties together. While the details will have to be filled in later, it has become clear that certain persons have gone to extraordinary lengths indeed to protect their wealth and power. But all is not lost; far from it. In coming weeks I plan to present some of these reasons for hope, such as the two examples above. I believe that God, if there is a God, does not want the world to suffer in this way indefinitely. We still have choices, and a certain amount of control -- perhaps more than we know -- for good. N. B. I am not on the staff of the publishing company.

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