Monday, July 08, 2013

Revelations Are Fine But What's the Strategy?

Further revelations about the Prism program and other like programs by the N.S.A. are cascading down upon us like a waterfall in the Amazon jungle.  In fact, one of the most recent stories concerns the country which most of the Amazon rainforest calls home, Brazil.

Where is this all leading?  More importantly, Where did all this begin?  The most recent justification for all this spying comes from September 11, 2001, after which Draconian spying programs were ramped up and never ramped down despite promises of Barack Obama.

Uncovering the truth or falsity of the events of September 11, and their ultimate cause continues to be a high priority for the American people.  For more, I refer you to earlier posts here, particularly on the books by David Ray Griffen.  In terms of our form of government there is no more important matter at this time.

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