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Friday, July 05, 2013

Beginning Another Year of Independence

Today is the beginning of the 238th year of American Independence!  Certainly, we forget the long process of gaining our independence from England.  Nonetheless, we can reckon our beginnings from July 4, 1776, as well as any other date.

In our day, the independence to be fought for is different.  Unfortunately, there are still elements in Britain still not ready to let the states go completely.  My research has shown that the City of London (the name of Britain's financial district, not the actual city) still has a powerful voice in world financial affairs, including influence on the United States.  Inasmuch as it is a very connected world financially, what happens in London has an impact here and vice versa. 

Further research shows just how close this alliance is -- too close for some, including this writer.  I believe events of the rest of this year will revolve increasingly around financial issues which are rapidly becoming human rights issues.  For if people do not have enough to eat, that is both a financial and a human rights issue.  To the extent that financial arrangements are fair and just they are worthy and useful.  To the extent they are injurious to the welfare of the citizens of the world, they are that much unjust and deeply hurtful and should be opposed. 

Special greetings to all my International readers.  I value you! 

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