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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Likable After All?

Close readers of this blog know by now that pundit comments on the Presidential race must be closely scrutinized.  Specifically, all claims regarding polls and polling must be looked at critically, for very few (if any?) reporters are schooled in polling and how to read poll results.

I make no claims at being an expert, myself, so I often refer readers to the Princeton Election Consortium.   The consortium, likewise, must be examined.  However, the work the Princeton group does under the leadership of Dr. Sam Wang is some of the best available today.

For my purposes today, I am interested in relating how poorly the press and media did in August and September, beginning with an extremely poorly-sourced Associated Press story which had no facts to back up its assertion that the activities of the Clinton Foundation "raised questions."  Others, including Krugman have written about this Associated Press fiasco, so I do not need to duplicate their work.

But apparently many people were somewhat stunned to see how likable Ms. Clinton appeared in last Monday night's debate after months and years of Republican rightists claiming she is ________, or ___________, or _______ -- you fill in the blank.   Or let Paul Krugman do it for you:

Paul Krugman on How the Race Got Close

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  1. Significant gains for Hillary Clinton following the first Presidential debate are beginning to show up in polls. One example is here:


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