Featured Artwork: Russia

Featured Artwork:  Russia
Featured Artwork: Sergius of Radonezh blessing Dmitry Donskoy in Trinity Sergius Lavra, before the Battle of Kulikovo, depicted in a painting by Ernst Lissner (Russia)

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump Campaign Disarray Said to Be Worse Than Generally Known

Trump speaks to Republican Party Chairman Preibus at Republican convention site early on afternoon of acceptance speech.

Reports of Trump campaign disarray go back at least six months.  One gets the picture of a campaign eternally on the edge of despair and dissolution.

This week reports of the Trump campaign in virtual chaos have reached a crescendo.  There is even a report (which I can believe) that the possibility of the Republican Party replacing Trump on the ticket is now "on the table."

And why would they not replace him?  The reason given is that unless members of Congress feel they are about to lose control of the institution they will continue their support of Trump as their candidate.  But this job of continuing to shill for Trump has been getting harder by the week.

Something will have to be done.  As I have said here for many months Trump should never have received the nomination.  Now that he has it, he seems in danger of losing it.  That would be good for the country, and good for the Republican Party.

Summary of Reports of Trump Campaign Disarray

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