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Monday, March 21, 2016

Jacobin Magazine Declares Trump Protestors to Be Protectors of Democracy.

I agree.

Protestors at Trump rallies are protecting democracy, not interfering with it, says Jacobin, a magazine new to me.  I agree with Jacobin.  

Briefly, I will tell why.  As important as free speech is, there is one thing a democracy cannot tolerate and that is intolerance itself.  Intolerance has long been a troubling thread in the skein we call the Republican Party. 

 To oppose intolerance vociferously is to favor tolerance.  This is where Hitlerism went wrong.  It wasn't enough for Hitler to criticize various whole groups of people -- that was bad enough.  But he felt he had to annihilate them. 

Trump comes close to the idea of annihilation when he advocates "knock[ing] the c***" out of people.  

For free speech, you see, is not an unlimited good.  The courts have long held that speech which is seriously injurious, such as yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre may be prohibited.  Free speech must be coupled by responsibility.  It is these twin pillars which are a bulwark against despotism not one or the other standing alone.

Free speech, yes.  Intolerance for the right to protest peacefully, no.  

I applaud Jacobin for their insight.  

Protestors Are Protecting, Not Threatening Democracy

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