Friday, May 22, 2015

Iraq Location for New War

Iraq is increasingly becoming headquarters for a new war -- this one against the Islamists known as ISIL or ISIS.

In the latest announcement from the Pentagon, 2,000 anti-tank rockets are being sent to the middle-eastern country to help fight against the Islamist movement after the recent defeat of U.S.-backed forces at Ramadi.

As much as I am opposed to the Islamic "state," I wonder what new pathway to war we may be on.  We have seen this so many times before.  Sure, let's fight the terrorism of Islamists in the Levant.  But let's be clear of our motives.  Are we sure we are fighting violent extremism, or -- once again -- fighting on behalf of economic hegemony benefiting multi-national corporations?  It's a question worth asking, and let's not assume we know the answer until we ask it clearly.

U.S. Sending Equipment and Arms to Iraq

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