Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hitler's Mind as Cultural Phenomenon

Hitler has been regarded as the greatest sociopath of all time.  But the exact process or workings of his mind have been open to debate.  The article linked to below is the best paper on Hitler I have ever read in this regard.  It becomes clear just what was motivating the man.  Everyone with a care for the world of now should read this paper, for we have strong echoes of the Nazi movement with us today.
More needs to be said about this, and I plan to do so in coming days.  For instance, what motivates persons who would undo Social Security?  Is it really motivated out of concern for the common person?  Or does it come from something else?  A careful analysis such as the one here can be very useful.

For a link to the pdf version of the article click here:
The Mind of Hitler

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