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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The War on the Internet

Certain persons in power are desperate.  This news is coming out now, even as huge corporate interests race to cover their tracks.  Let me be clear:  I am not against people organizing to produce goods and services.  I believe the working people of America and the world deserve a fair return on their investment of time and talent.  But I do not believe that people who have not done the work deserve money off the backs of those who have. 

This can be explained in simple terms.   That is, those who don't show up to work (private investors) don't deserve money from the efforts of those who do.  It really is quite simple. 

But saying this seems to be becoming some sort of national crime.  I'm not advocating violence.  I'm only advocating fair play.  But to some this seems unpatriotic.  However, I put forth the idea that it is really Thomas Jefferson's vision of small farms and businesses which is patriotic, not this quite-hideous arrangement of interlocking directorates, cross-ownership, and monopolizing centralization of production in the hands of the few. 

Something else I do not happen to believe in:  anarchy.  However, can governmental over-reach, suspicion, even paranoia, create economic and societal weakness, dissolution, anarchy?  The 1960s was a time in which government over-reach in Viet Nam, led some to dangerous forms of protest, when honest protest was badly needed.

So much can be said about this.  And more has been said at the link below.  It is certainly a confusing time.  Articles such as this can help in understanding the current situation.

The Information War Explained

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